Interesting Facts About the Samsung A03S


Samsung A03S is a great new feature phone which is planned to be introduced this coming September. If you are looking for an affordable powerhouse that would fill all of your technological requirements, the Samsung A03S is just perfect for you. The Samsung A03S is basically the successor to the popular Exynos 9810, which has been discontinued for quite some time back. This device from Samsung comes with a variety of features which includes a powerful chipset along with a high resolution display panel and the all-time favorite features such as the Hybrid Clock Display and Gesture Detection. samsung a03s

One of the main reasons why Samsung has added such an impressive hardware feature to their smartphone is because it increases the user interface to a large extent. The touch screen feature of the Samsung galaxy a03s allows you to easily use widgets and other graphical elements of your choice on the screen, by just using your fingertips. Another exceptional quality which the Samsung a03s offers is its front camera. In this respect, it differs from the iPhone in a great manner because the iPhone has a large, 8 MP front camera which is difficult to use when you are on the go.

However, the advantage of having a high resolution, clear and crisp front camera cannot be discounted or ignored. Therefore, the Samsung a03s comes with an enhanced version of the standard zoomable Android interface, which helps you take better pictures. Also, the Samsung galaxy a03s comes with a built in image editing software which allows you to fix, modify and share your images. You can also upload or download various music tracks to enhance your mobile entertainment options.

A unique feature which is provided by the Samsung a03s is its triple camera interface. The users can enjoy taking pictures of people, places and other objects by simply clicking on the camera option present on the phone’s home page. Apart from that, the Samsung a03s also features a USB port, a headphone jack and a micro SD card which allow you to store huge media files.

While talking about the Samsung a03s’ front and rear cameras, the first thing that strikes your mind is about the blurred picture quality option present in the camera. This function has been specially designed for the Korean users so that they can get the best snaps without worrying about the quality. Moreover, the Samsung a03s’ rear camera is also quite good in terms of photo quality. However, the one problem with this particular feature is that there is no manual option available as far as the shutter speed and aperture is concerned.

One of the biggest advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S series which is based on the android operating system is that it provides a smooth sailing with the help of the different android apps that have been developed for this purpose. With the Samsung Galaxy S4, the company has once again taken the wraps off of the new generation device that offers a lot of innovative features. However, the most important feature of this handset is the presence of the Samsung Gear feature. It allows the users to use their Samsung phones like they are another mobile device which enables them to control their music player, camera and games like they are using their cell phones. This functionality makes the Samsung galaxy a03s a must have gadget for all android fans.


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